Security Marine Barrier

We are one of the distributors and Experts in Supply and installation of Security Marine Barriers, coastal protection, safety and security items We are also in to the engineering, design and supply fit-for-purpose all types of security marine barriers We engineer a complete solution to any marine problem our clients encounter.

Our unique design of the safety barriers allows the customers to make specific configurations unique to the area in which Safety barriers can be used in places where high visibility is compulsory, such as big seas, open oceans, places with high waves, and output channels with strong currents and dams.

The pontoon is formed by the combination of several parts; therefore the damaged pontoon can be easily changed without interrupting the barrier’s service and without the need for replacing the entire unit. Standard or custom warning labels can be applied on the product. It is offered in standard colors of yellow, orange and white. It is also available in custom colors.

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