SES is partnered with leading companies to works to improve the sustainability of its own activities as well as the activities of our customers and partners. Being successful in this agenda requires cooperation with our network of suppliers, partners and customers. We help customers to reduce the negative environmental impact of their operations by providing them with efficient tools to prevent, mitigate and recover spills and contaminations. One of our partner’s waste management and water treatment prevent contaminated industrial and municipal waste from reaching and damaging the local environment. We add efficiency to our environmental solutions by delivering consulting, planning and training.

In our own activities, we work to reduce emissions, by increasing the use of renewable and recycled materials in our products. Additionally, we strive to design our equipment to be energy efficient, by optimizing its operational recovery capacity. We acts locally, using a global network, which improves logistical efficiency and lowers transportation emissions. In our operations, we use natural resources with care through optimised use, reuse and recycling.

We respect the local environment and communities. We complies with all applicable legal and regulatory obligations in the countries where they operate. In areas where the local level of requirements is below international, we aim to follow international standards as a minimum.

SES continuously develops and implements new, sustainable ways of working. We are transforming the business towards low-carbon activities by investing in waste and water treatment services and a circular economy of plastic.

SES targets energy efficiency and the use of more sustainable materials. We work with partners and suppliers to include more renewable and recycled materials in our supply chain. We strive to lower our emissions from transportation by optimising logistics and increasing efficiencies.

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